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    Comparing Modern and Trendy Moulding Options for Your Home October 08 2020

    As a homeowner, you should be constantly looking for ways to add value to your home. While many value-adding projects can be difficult and/or time consuming, some of them require very little investment to provide a nice return.

    One such idea to quickly and efficiently add value to your home is to consider a moulding project. Moulding is any strip of material that is used to cover transitions between surfaces, often providing a stately, decorative effect.

    Cool & Innovative Products For Your Home - v4 March 01 2020

    This week, let us introduce you to two new products: the HOBOT Automatic Window Cleaner and the sleek and highly functional AVANTEK Mini Waterproof Doorbell Chime. Both items will your everyday life that much easier and enjoyable.

    VIDEO: Do These 5 Inexpensive Things To Create A Beautiful Entryway March 01 2020

    Are you looking for entryway makeover inspiration or ideas on how to create a fabulous entryway without breaking the bank? In this video, you'll see 5 inexpensive tips to enhance/makeover your entryway. A lot of times people aren't sure where to start with decorating or they think it’s going to be too expensive, but this video is shows you how it can be easy and economical.

    6 Tips To Paint Interior Doors Like A Pro February 23 2020

    Interior doors are a big part of your home’s decor. Many people overlook painting them any other color besides basic shades of white. What if you were to paint your interior doors so they make a real statement? Go bold or stay subdued – either way, here are 6 tips to make painting your interior doors a breeze...

    Cool & Innovative Products For Your Home - v3 February 23 2020

    This week we have two revolutionary new products: the Door Scope and Mighty Paw Doorbell. Humans and dogs alike, these smart and innovative items will make everyone's lives that much easier.

    VIDEO: 3 Easy DIY Porch Makeover Ideas February 21 2020

    What better way to complement your new front door with a DIY porch makeover! When it comes to outdoor entryway decor, you may not know how to coordinate front door mats, planters, flowers, and more. The good news is, Stephanie is here to help with some basic principles. Whether you're looking to create a DIY farmhouse front porch or want to achieve something more timeless and traditional, these DIY tips fit all styles.

    Top 4 Interior Doors Styles For Your Home February 12 2020

    When's the last time you thought about your interior doors? Was it when that one pesky door stopped shutting correctly? Or maybe when you had your bedroom door shut, but sounds from inside your home still woke you up? Interior doors should not only be functional (ie. noise blocking) but also visually pleasing. The doors should make an impression to you and your guests – you want the doors to wow while still blending in with your home’s decor. In this article, we will explore the top 4 interior door styles and the benefit of upgrading from hollow-core to solid core doors.

    Cool & Innovative Products For Your Home - v2 February 12 2020

    This week we bring you two unique ways to secure your home: (1) A smart door lock with biometric facial recognition & fingerprint scanning and (2) The Door Bull, a door barricade security device designed by a team of law enforcement officers to effectively stop intruders.

    VIDEO: Ask Martha Stewart - Painting Windows and Doors February 11 2020

    Painting a door or window with multiple panes (ie. French Doors) can seem daunting at first, but the famous home design guru Martha Stewart shows just how easy it is to get the job done beautifully! This step-by-step video tutorial is filled with valuable pointers for even the most beginner DIY’er, giving you the direction from start to finish to complete the task successfully.

    Top Reasons to Replace Your Front Door January 08 2020

    Your home should personify your personality. One key area that homeowners often overlook when personalizing their home is the front door. The entryway into your house should reflect beauty and uniqueness because it is the first thing to greet your guests. Learn the top reasons to replace your entry doors and the different types of doors you can choose from: Wood, Fiberglass, Steel, and More!

    Cool & Innovative Products For Your Home - v1 January 07 2020

    This week we're featuring two awesome innovations: (1) Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt that lets you unlock your home’s front door using the touchpad, Wi-Fi, and Alexa. (2) Ring Video Doorbell lets you see who is knocking on your door from your phone and other devices.

    VIDEO: 50 Front Door Color Ideas January 06 2020

    Put your interior-design skills to work and find the perfect door to match your home! This video showcases 50 front door color ideas and designs to consider when replacing your entry doors. Featuring a wide array of wood, fiberglass, and impact doors to inspire you and give you an idea of which one would look best on your home.

    New Front Door Buying Guide - South Florida July 08 2019

    Not sure what type of entry doors to buy? Read the beginners guide for South Florida homeowners to learn more!

    Top 3 Ways To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Before A Hurricane Hits! June 11 2019

    Stop putting off those home improvements you’ve been meaning to do, it can save you $1,000’s per year on your homeowners insurance!