Top Reasons to Replace Your Front Door January 08 2020

Your home should personify your personality. Without a doubt, your interior design theme probably reflects your sense of style. Even your landscaping might resonate with your favorite flowers, shrubs, and trees. One key area that homeowners often overlook when personalizing their home is the front door. The entryway into your house should reflect beauty and uniqueness because it is the first thing to greet your guests.

The Importance of Choosing a Front Door

Look closely at your front door to decide what it says about your home. Is your door drab and plain? Does it lack style? Maybe, a custom front door for your home is your best bet to really make a statement. The door should never look like a replica of your neighbors. Instead, it should draw attention and admiration even from the curb.

Reasons to Replace Your Front Door

Walk around a home improvement store or look at websites offering doors and you will probably feel overwhelmed. There are so many designs to choose between that it’s hard to make a choice. Steel, fiberglass, or wood? You can pick from traditional or rustic styles, doors with inlays or cut-outs. If you want something that is truly impressive then why not go with a custom door?

Here are just a few reasons to replace your front door:

  • Provide your home with an instant facelift
  • Update a dated exterior with a modern door
  • Choose a door with glass inserts to let sunlight into your home
  • Opt for a hurricane impact door to provide greater protection for you and your family
  • Increase your home’s value (a front door provides one of the highest returns on your investment)
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Cost savings on your homeowners insurance (when paired with other wind mitigation improvements)

Modern Technology and Your Front Door

When replacing your door another key decision is the hardware to match your beautiful new door. With ever changing technology you should definitely consider updating your home’s lock system with a push pad or one that can quickly be unlocked using your smartphone. Many of the new locks require extensive installation so it’s a great time to update them as you replace your front door.

Increasing Your Home’s Accessibility

Life is ever-changing. Perhaps your home’s front door has been perfectly functional for many years but now things have changed. You have welcomed a new baby and need more space for a stroller. Health ailments have occurred, and you now require a wheelchair or walker. These are just a few things that can change in your life. A wider front door or one with a zero-clearance threshold might prove beneficial to your current lifestyle.

Choosing a New Front Door

Decades ago, you normally only encountered wood front doors. However, times have changed. Now you have three choices: steel, wood, and fiberglass that are all hurricane impacted rated.

  • Steel: If you want to save money but want to instantly improve the appearance of your home then a steel door might be right for you. Steel doors do not resist weather as well as other materials because they can dent, scratch or rust, but they are an affordable choice.
  • Wood: A wood door is expensive, but it adds undeniable beauty to your home. Also, it stands up well. However, remember that a wood door can warp, especially when exposed to the elements such as excessive humidity, or rain.
  • Fiberglass: A fiberglass front door offers great insulative value and it stands up well to Mother Nature. The fiberglass material replicates wood wonderfully, and many people have a hard time telling the difference. You don’t have to worry about repainting a fiberglass door. Simply wipe it clean to keep it looking pristine.
  • Bonus: Most new homes in South Florida already have hurricane impact doors but are solid and basic. Glass inserts can be inserted into any door to transform your entry way. 

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