Top 4 Interior Doors Styles For Your Home February 12 2020

When's the last time you thought about your interior doors?

Was it when that one pesky door stopped shutting correctly? Or maybe when you had your bedroom door shut, but sounds from inside your home still woke you up?

Interior doors should not only be functional (ie. noise blocking) but also visually pleasing. The doors should make an impression to you and your guests – you want the doors to wow while still blending in with your home’s decor. In this article, we will explore the top 4 interior door styles and the benefit of upgrading from hollow-core to solid core doors.

1. The Modern Shaker Interior Door Style

Perhaps no interior door style personifies your style more than the modern shaker. You can opt for a common white shaker or choose from various woods. Wood shaker doors are often fashioned out of oak, cherry, maple, or pine. The wood-look creates a sense of warmth and is very inviting, all with a modern flair. Without a doubt, a well-made shaker door is a thing of beauty and shows true craftsmanship in every line and crevice. It is a great choice to truly complement the wood architectural details of your home’s interior.

2. Solid Core Interior Doors

Honestly, if you've never had solid core interior doors, you're missing out. Hollow core doors are a low-cost, entry level option that don't block sound well and might not stand up overtime to children and animals. However, a true solid core door is a thing of beauty that will last for decades. It also creates an air of solitude and privacy.

Sounds barely leak past a solid core door which is why they are favored for bedrooms and bathrooms. You can stain the wood or paint it. Nowadays, wood doors can be attached to sliders to create the barn door look.

3. Glass Doors: Privacy + Light

Glass interior doors offer privacy but do not block out light, making them perfect for inside your home. You can find all kinds of styles of glass doors such as those with stained glass effects, frosted glass, opaque glass, transparent glass, and etched panels. Glass doors are a favorite for transitional spaces within the home such as kitchens and offices, or you can install a beautiful french door to separate rooms.

4. Mirrored Doors

Recently, mirrored doors have experienced an upswing in popularity. The mirrors create an illusion of space making the room appear larger and by reflecting more light. This makes them great for spaces in your home that often appear dark and gloomy such as your bedroom or bathroom.

If you want to give your home an instant facelift without breaking the bank, then you’ll want to consider replacing the interior doors. The doors can make a dramatic or subtle statement depending on your style.

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