Cool & Innovative Products For Your Home - v2 February 12 2020

ZM100 – Smart Door Lock with Biometric Facial Recognition & Fingerprint Scanning

This door lock is the ultimate high-end gift for gadget lovers.

ZM100 is a state-of-art door lock device that lets you use a combination of facial and/or fingerprint verification to provide instant, reliable confirmation of your identity.

Once a face is detected, this device uses StoneLock technology and near infrared wavelengths to scan over 2,000 points in less than a second and confirm or deny access.

You can also unlock it using a password, Mifare card, or key. The touch screen on the device is remarkably easy to use and even offers a voice guide to make using it a breeze.

StoneLock technology is so advanced its proven to distinguish between identical twins and multiple expressions on an individual user’s face regardless of the ambient light, ensuring the correct person is gaining access even in total darkness.

Amazon Review By: Molly Morgan

This lock saved my sanity. We have a very active house with 12-18 kids coming and going all the time. We were losing keys left and right. The kids were sharing the key pad number with strangers. But now? WOW - face recognition - WOW The kids love using it and we know exactly who is coming in and when - even when the power went out! Thanks!

The Door Bull - Door Barricade Security Device

Doors don't stop intruders!

The time it takes an average adult to kick open a quality dead-bolted door.

Can now be opened by amateurs with "bump keys," quickly & quietly.

The time you’ll spend with your intruder before cops arrive (IF you managed to call).

Physically stop bad things from happening in the first place with the Door Bull.

3 cops saw too much tragedy from normal locks, so they invented this ultimate safety device that was easy enough for anyone to use.

This exceptionally strong device affixes to your door frame and distributes force evenly at all angles to hold the door firmly closed.

The installation is quick and easy and it works on almost all inward-opening single doors.

Protect your home, business, school and more today!


Amazon Review By: Lou Dog

I wanted to secure my outside basement door, which is a very heavy and solid wood door; the kind they just don't make anymore. The Door Bull was easy to install in literally 5 to ten minutes. It fits just snug enough and really secures the door.

It provides that added security in addition to the existing knob lock and dead-bolt. Really a solid and ingenious device. With the three 3-inch screws going deep into the door jamb, the Door Bull provides a very wide latching area that is almost three times the surface area of the dead bolt alone.

Anyone trying to kick in the door will have to shatter the door and the jamb to splinters before the door can be compromised.

Great product. I will be ordering a second one for the garage door.